Secangkir Pengenalan Kepribadian dari Florence Littauer

Baru saja saya mengikuti tes kepribadian yang saya dapat dari sebuah situs menarik, Tes kepribadian ini merupakan tes yang sudah diketahui secara luas diseluruh dunia lewat buku karangan Florence Littauer yang berjudul “Personality Plus”. Dari buku itu, dapat diketahui bahwa secara umum manusia bisa dibagi atas 4 watak yaitu Sanguinis (dilambangkan dengan musim semi) yang ceria, spontan, humoris, tetapi egois; Melankolis (dilambangkan dengan musim gugur) yang rapi, penuh kasih, idealis, tapi pemurung; Koleris (dilambangkan dengan musim panas) yang berkemauan kuat, pemberani, mandiri, tapi pemarah; Plegmatis (dilambangkan dengan musim salju) yang setia, damai, tenang, tetapi malas. Nah, dari tes itu saya mendapatkan hasil yang demikian:


Your personality is Melancholy Phlegmatic

Melancholy Strength:14 Weakness:18 80%

Phlegmatic Strength:4 Weakness:1 13%

Sanguine Strength:1 Weakness:1 5%

Choleric Strength:1 Weakness:0 3%

Wow, ternyata hasil saya adalah 80% melankolis, 13% plegmatis, 5% sanguinis, dan 3% koleris. Cukup mengejutkan karena awalnya saya berpikir saya orang plegmatis. Tapi ketika lebih jauh lagi dipikir, saya kira mungkin ada benarnya juga. Hampir semua sifat – sifat orang melankolis mereprentasikan diri saya seutuhnya. Sementara itu mengenai sifat sanguinis dan koleris, saya rasa saya hampir tidak memiliki semuanya. Berikut ini adalah deskripsi mengenai kelebihan dan kekurangan dari keempat kepribadian yang diambil dari situs yang telah saya sebutkan diatas.

Strengths of a Sanguine

The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist

The Sanguine’s Emotions

  • Appealing personality
  • Talkative, Storyteller
  • Life of the Party
  • Good sense of humor
  • Memory for color
  • Physically holds on to listener
  • Emotional and demonstrative
  • Enthusiastic and expressive
  • Cheerful and bubbling over
  • Curious
  • Good on stage
  • Wide-eyed and innocent
  • Lives in the present
  • Changeable disposition
  • Sincere at heart
  • Always a child
The Sanguine As A Parent

  • Makes Home Fun
  • Is liked by children’s friends
  • Turns disaster into humor
  • Is the circus master
The Sanguine At Work

  • Volunteers for Jobs
  • thinks up new activities
  • Looks great on the Surface
  • Creative and colorful
  • Has energy and enthusiasm
  • Starts in a flashy way
  • Inspires others to join
  • charms others to work
The Sanguine As a Friend

  • Makes friends easily
  • Loves People
  • Thrives on compliments
  • Seems exciting
  • envied by others
  • Doesn’t hold grudges
  • apologizes quickly
  • Prevents dull moments
  • Likes spontaneous activities

Weaknesses of a Sanguine

The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist

The Sanguine’s Emotions

  • Compulsive talker
  • Exaggerates and elaborates
  • Dwells on trivia
  • Can’t remember names
  • Scares others off
  • Too happy for some
  • Has restless energy
  • Egotistical
  • Blusters and complains
  • Naive, gets taken in
  • Has loud voice and laugh
  • Controlled by circumstances
  • Gets angry easily
  • Seems phony to some
  • Never Grows Up
The Sanguine As A Parent

  • Keeps home in a frenzy
  • Forgets children’s appointments
  • disorganized
  • Doesn’t listen to the whole story
The Sanguine At Work

  • Would rather talk
  • forgets obligations
  • Doesn’t follow through
  • Confidence fades fast
  • Undisciplined
  • Priorities out of order
  • Decides by feelings
  • Easily distracted
  • Wastes time talking
The Sanguine As a Friend

  • Hates to be alone
  • Needs to be center stage
  • Wants to be popular
  • Looks for credit
  • dominates conversations
  • Interrupts and doesn’t listen
  • answers for others
  • Fickle and forgetful
  • Makes excuses
  • Repeats stories

Strengths of a Melancholy

The Introvert | The Thinker | The Pessimist

The Melancholy’s Emotions

  • Deep and thoughtfully
  • Analytical
  • Serious and purposeful
  • Genius prone
  • Talented and creative
  • Artistic or musical
  • Philosophical and poetic
  • appreciative of beauty
  • Sensitive to others
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Conscientious
  • Idealistic
The Melancholy As A Parent

  • Sets high standards
  • Wants everything done right
  • Keeps home in good order
  • Picks up after children
  • Sacrifices own will for others
  • Encourages scholarship and talent
The Melancholy At Work

  • Schedule oriented
  • Perfectionist, high standards
  • Detail conscious
  • Persistent and thorough
  • Orderly and organized
  • Neat and tidy
  • Economical
  • Sees the problems
  • Finds creative solutions
  • Needs to finish what he starts
  • Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists
The Melancholy As a Friend

  • Makes friends cautiously
  • Content to stay in background
  • Avoids causing attention
  • Faithful and devoted
  • Will listen to complaints
  • Can solve other’s problems
  • Deep concern for other people
  • Moved to tears with compassion
  • Seeks ideal mate

Weakness of a Melancholy

The Introvert | The Thinker | The Pessimist

The Melancholy’s Emotions

  • Remembers the negatives
  • Moody and depressed
  • Enjoys being hurt
  • Has false humility
  • Off in another world
  • Low self-image
  • Has selective hearing
  • Self-centered
  • Too introspective
  • Guilt feelings
  • Persecution complex
  • Tends to hypochondria
The Melancholy As A Parent

  • Puts goals beyond reach
  • May discourage children
  • May be too meticulous
  • Becomes martyr
  • Sulks over disagreements
  • Puts guilt upon children
The Melancholy At Work

  • Not people oriented
  • depressed over imperfections
  • Chooses difficult work
  • Hesitant to start projects
  • Spends to much time planning
  • Prefers analysis to work
  • Self-deprecating
  • Hard to please
  • Standards often to high
  • Deep need for approval
The Melancholy As a Friend

  • Lives through others
  • Insecure socially
  • Withdrawn and remote
  • critical of others
  • Holds back affections
  • Dislikes those in opposition
  • Suspicious of people
  • Antagonistic and vengeful
  • Unforgiving
  • Full of contradictions
  • Skeptical of compliments

Strengths of a Choleric

The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist

The Choleric’s Emotions

  • Born leader
  • Dynamic and active
  • Compulsive need for change
  • Must correct wrongs
  • Strong-willed and decisive
  • Unemotional
  • Not easily discouraged
  • Independent and self sufficient
  • Exudes confidence
  • Can run anything
The Choleric As A Parent

  • Exerts sound leadership
  • Establishes Goals
  • Motivates family to action
  • Knows the right answer
  • Organizes household
The Choleric At Work

  • Goal oriented
  • Sees the whole picture
  • Organizes well
  • Seeks practical solutions
  • Moves quickly to action
  • Delegates work
  • Insists on production
  • Makes the goal
  • Stimulates activity
  • Thrives on opposition
The Choleric As a Friend

  • Has little need for friends
  • Will work for group activity
  • Will lead and organize
  • Is usually right
  • Excels in emergencies

Weaknesses of a Choleric

The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist

The Choleric’s Emotions

  • Bossy
  • Impatient
  • Quick-tempered
  • Can’t Relax
  • Too impetuous
  • Enjoys controversy and arguments
  • Won’t give up when loosing
  • Comes on too strong
  • Inflexible
  • Is not complimentary
  • Dislikes tears and emotions
  • Is unsympathetic
The Choleric As A Parent

  • Tends to over dominate
  • Too busy for family
  • Gives answers too quickly
  • Impatient with poor performance
  • Won’t let children relax
  • May send them into depression
The Choleric At Work

  • Little tolerance for mistakes
  • Doesn’t analyze details
  • Bored by trivia
  • May make rash decisions
  • May be rude or tactless
  • Manipulates people
  • Demanding of others
  • End justifies the means
  • Work may become his god
  • Demands loyalty in the ranks
The Choleric As a Friend

  • Tends to use people
  • Dominates others
  • Knows everything
  • Decides for others
  • Can do everything better
  • Is to independent
  • Possessive of friends and mate
  • Can’t say, “I’m Sorry”
  • May be right, but unpopular

Strengths of a Phlegmatic

The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist

The Phlegmatic’s Emotions

  • Low-key personality
  • Easygoing and relaxed
  • Calm, cool and collected
  • Patient well balanced
  • Consistent life
  • Quiet but witty
  • Sympathetic and kind
  • Keeps emotions hidden
  • Happily reconciled to life
  • All-purpose person
The Phlegmatic As A Parent

  • Makes a good parent
  • Takes time for the children
  • Is not in a hurry
  • Can take the good with the bad
  • Doesn’t get upset easily
The Phlegmatic At Work

  • Competent and steady
  • Peaceful and agreeable
  • Has administrative ability
  • Mediates problems
  • Avoids conflicts
  • Good under pressure
  • Finds the easy way
The Phlegmatic As a Friend

  • Easy to get along with
  • Pleasant and enjoyable
  • Inoffensive
  • Good listener
  • Dry sense of humor
  • Enjoys watching people
  • Has many friends
  • Has compassion and concern

Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist

The Phlegmatic’s Emotions

  • Unenthusiastic
  • Fearful and worried
  • Indecisive
  • Avoids responsibility
  • Quiet will of iron
  • Selfish
  • To shy and reticent
  • Too compromising
  • Self-righteous
The Phlegmatic As A Parent

  • Lax on discipline
  • Doesn’t organize home
  • Takes life to easy
The Phlegmatic At Work

  • Not goal oriented
  • Lacks self motivation
  • Hard to get moving
  • Resents being pushed
  • Lazy and careless
  • Discourages others
  • Would rather watch
The Phlegmatic As a Friend

  • Dampens enthusiasm
  • Stays uninvolved
  • Is not exciting
  • Indifferent to plans
  • Judges others
  • Sarcastic and teasing
  • Resists change
Walaupun watak manusia memang mungkin bisa dibagi atas 4 kelompok seperti diatas, tetapi saya pribadi tetap berpendapat bahwa setiap manusia berbeda dengan cara mereka masing – masing. Ya, karena disamping ini, saya pun sebagai muslim juga melihat manusia dari sisi makhluk milik Allah, dimana semua takdir dan kehendak merupakan keputusan-Nya. Dalam hal ini takdir sangat berpengaruh terhadap lingkungan manusia dan lingkungan berpengaruh terhadap kepribadian masing – masing orang. Apakah sebenarnya ke-4 kepribadian diatas tadi merupakan bawaan sejak lahir atau lingkungan yang berpengaruh besar terhadap kepribadian diatas? Saya masih harus mencari tahu.

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